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Supply Chain Integrater

With geographic advantage, we integrate many production bases under strict management.

Quality Assurance

From raw material, processing, to quality control, we have the quality you can rely on.

Professional Team

Experts from sales, production and design departments ready to give you great experience.

On-Time Delivery

Our capacity and belief in customer satisfaction assure the delivery.

Unparalleled Service

We have service covering product recommendation, marketing support, peripheral products, etc.

Market Insight

We do the markest research and tightly follow the trend.




Jiangxi Wonderful Household Co.,Ltd.(former Wuyuan Wonderful Industry Co.,Ltd. ),Founded in 1989 in Wuyuan county where is the birthplace of Chinese wood merchants.Takes traditional skills as the core,Realizes the “Wonderful”trademark creativity in the spirit of craftsmanship and create a century-old brand.